Thursday, July 3, 2008

Food, Color, and Company

I often find myself amazed at the COLOR that shows up in the kitchen. We are blessed to live in a country with an abundance and variety of food which we can enjoy on a daily basis. What an amazing thing the creation is!

Papaya is one of my favorite exotic fruits. They were on sale recently and we enjoyed several of them. They are so good with a squeeze of lime on top:

Lemons are a must have in my kitchen and we are very rarely without at least one for use in salad dressing, a pie, a glass of ice water, or for baking.

My favorite grilled vegetable dish consists of red onions and zucchini. It is so, so good!

While cutting up cabbage for coleslaw recently I just couldn't help but stop and marvel at the beauty of the red cabbage. Incredibly artistic with its purple and white twists and turns!

And the black rasberries we harvested last week. They are so good! We popped these into the freezer until we can decide what to do with them. With all the rain last night and this morning I've been imagining the destruction of the rest of the crop. :(

Don't you just love the colors on this baking sheet: red, yellow, orange, white and purple!

The roasted veggies were mixed with cooked pasta (wholegrain) and a bunch of mini-mozzarella balls and a handful of fresh basil. So delicious!!

We made good progress yesterday with our food shopping and the start of the food preparation: cutting up meat, browning sausage, cooking taco meat, soaking beans for soup, making pancake and scone mixes, and trying to fit everything into our fridge!

Now we are ready to hit the cleaning and the rest of the cooking. The rain outside makes for a good day to stay inside!

Happy 4th of July to all of you Americans! I hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends!


Alicia said...

The pasta dish with roasted vegetables looks really good.I may try something like that sometime. I love grilled or roasted vegetables!

Just Me said...

I would love to have your pasta recipe. You ought to have a cookbook of your recipes:)

Niall MacC said...

Many thanks fro your prayers Heather. God is answering them. He has shown me how to proceed and I am a lot more at peace.
Here is wishing you and your family have a blessed 4th of July from Ireland... I checked out your sister's blog and like it very much!
God bless,

Lovella ♥ said...

Ah. . .the pasta salad looks just scrumptious.
I'm wondering if it is in your cookbook .. I'll run and look. Oh .. and that Papaya?. . .have you made dressing from the seeds. The recipe for that is on my other Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog. .
perhaps you already saw it there.

Heather said...

Everything looks so fresh and delicious! We are so blessed with the variety and color of the foods we enjoy - as well as the taste, scent and nourishment they provide! Isn't God an amazing provider? He could have made everything taste like sawdust and look like gruel!
I'm glad the buffet suggestion was helpful for you with your special company.
I would like the roasted pasta salad recipe too - my husband would love it! I eat raw veggies - and the occasional baked potato - it's a texture issue thing, but I keep on trying 'al dente' veggies once in a while!