Thursday, July 31, 2008

Food for Friends

The whole family made it to the Farmer's Market on Saturday. We aren't big buyers, but it is fun to look around and I came home with a few useful things for our dinners.

Our guests this past weekend were easy to please in the food department since they mainly eat the same way we do. And, since they had just come off a week of cafeteria food at a conference they automatically thought my food tasted good. (Good trick!)

One night we tried grilled peaches since the grill was heated up. They were nice, but I think I prefer them done under the broiler as I felt mine had too much of a grilled/hamburger taste.

All our guests seem to enjoy the menu that I keep posted on the refrigerator. They all comment on it. :)
Monday night I tried a new recipe for Summer Squash Soup. I must highly recommend it. It is super easy and very delicious.

You make a mint and parsley pistou to go on top and it is terrific!

I served my favorite salads: tomatoes with cream and cucumbers with sourcream, vinegar and dill.

We also enjoyed homemade pizza, fajitas with meat from the grill, my favorite rarebit chicken on Sunday, and quiches with salads on Tuesday. I frozed ahead the baked quiches as a friend suggested and was surprised that they came out okay! They seemed a bit watery in the oven but after sitting for a few minutes that problem seemed to resolve.


willow said...

I am a big fan of squash soup, especially butternut squash soup in the autumn but I would never of thought of putting mint with it. I will try that, I have a pot of mint in the garden which I tend to forget about and never use.

southseaislandhome said...

That soup looks and sounds delicious! Are you going to post the recipe? Please!!!

Lovella ♥ said...

oh your food all looks scrumptious. . even the peaches that taste of hamburger. . look fantastic. .
The soup looks really good too. I love summer soup, and it's great for the wee ones too.

Mina said...

Hi , I´ve just came to visit your blog, it´s fantastic!! And you seem to make every little detail sooo special!