Thursday, July 24, 2008

Birthdays -- The People

Of course what's a party without the people?! Here's Baby Cakes with his new Panda Bear from Auntie C and Uncle JK.
All the kids benefitted from David's birthday -- a tool bench showed up for them to play with!

Rachel embroidered and stitched a new tea cozy for Grandma and there were crocheted necklaces, belts and a plastic decoration James found to wrap up and give to Grandma:

Friends to help celebrate:

Waiting for the candles to be lighted:

Some help needed to blow them out:

"This cake is good," thinks Baby Cakes. "I think I'll have another piece."
The big picture:
Baby Cakes discovered presents are fun!

And today is David's "real" birthday so he is off to breakfast with Daddy before a day of spoiling at home. He's all excited to have pancakes with berries for dinner and maybe a few more presents. :)


jennie said...

Parties are so much fun! I can not believe that the little group of boys is turning 2 this year. Time has flown! Have a fun day today. Happy Birthday David!

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh the pictures were wonderful .. .I love the smiles and the table of people enjoying the food. . .especially the one on the far end on the right hand side. . .mouth open and loving that bite. . .
Happy Birthday Baby Cakes. . .big hugs. .

Jessica said...

happy birthday little guy! wow it goes fast. i never could have imagined. it is nice to see you treasuring every moment. lots of love!

Heather said...

Wonderful pictures Heather - you are blessed with a loving family and dear friends - the pictures say it all!

SueJ said...

Wonderful pictures!

Monica said...

How is it that our boys are two?! Looks like a fun party.

Niall MacC said...

Well 'happy birthday!' I just posted on some of the birthday cakes Sean and I decorated over the past few years... We had some good times!!!
Great photos as usual. Good to see how much you enjoy your whole family.