Monday, September 29, 2008

David's Wedding

My cousin David's wedding was delightful! It was so good to see our extended family, to go away (if even just for one night), and to be at a joyous celebration.

Mom and Aunt Georgie try to soothe the Bride prior to the rehearsal:

Everyone enjoyed being reunited again:

The sweet Winslow mothers:

Rachel gleaned flowers from Grandma to make her own little corsage for the wedding:

Aunt Georgie, despite living in Texas for many years, has not lost any of her British charm, nor her English accent:
The ceremony was held outdoors at the Audubon State Park in Henderson. What a lovely setting!
And here is the happy couple -- Mr. & Mrs. David Winslow!

The weather was perfect!

Everyone looked beautiful!

And here are Mom and Dad:

Rachel had so much fun playing with my cousin Anna (who, incidentally, was the flower girl in my wedding!):
Time to cut the cake:

Enjoying food at the reception:

Girl Cousin Time!
It was just so fun to see everyone together:

And then the beautiful couple went off to begin their new life together!

And we are back to normal life here at home. We have a week to rest before the last wedding of the season. There are actually several evenings this week to stay at home! I'm looking forward to that.


Monica said...

Everything looks so beautiful.

I certainly can see some family resemblances here. You all seem so happy to be together.

Enjoy your quiet week at home:)

SueJ said...

A lovely peep into your family album!

Karen Winslow said...

Hi Heather,
Thanks for posting these lovely pictures! I am so sorry that we could not attend, but I'm smiling with the photos...not quite the same as actually being there, but it's the best I can do. Everything looks beautiful, and it is great to see everyone so happy! You all did an amazing job with the flowers, too! Love, Aunt Karen

jennie said...

David looks like your dad.

Heather said...

What a wonderful time with your family - I love weddings! Your pictures are lovely - the simplicity make the beauty really shine!