Thursday, March 22, 2012

First Trip to the Art Museum Gardens

With this amazing weather we've had, I made an all out effort to get us to one of my favorite places to enjoy in spring: the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

We managed to go for a picnic dinner last Saturday. The kids loved returning to their favorite activity of making fairy houses under the large trees.

This photo reminded me of Rachel in Paris. I have an almost identical looking picture of Rachel at the same age taken on our visit to France.

Laura is hamming it up with the boys.

Everyone was happy for spring to be here.

This picture portrays everyone's personality so well. :)

Last year Laura wasn't walking but this year she can run wherever she wants.

The daffodils were blooming everywhere.

Such bright, cheery faces they have.

And the magnolias are gorgeous. Everywhere we drive they are brightening up the landscape.

What better way to run around than in your bare feet!

I love looking at "Oldfields":

And more lovely flowers.....

And silly boys. Andrew and James are really looking alike these days.

I love this age we are at right now with everyone pretty much in grade school (except for Laura). So much fun but not too grown up.

And a rare picture of Michael and me. I'll have to write more about the trouble I'm having with my eyes. This picture clearly shows it.

Laura loves her Daddy.

Such enthusiasm for life!

I think I'll have to try and hand the camera to Michael sometime.... :) so I can have a picture with Laura too.

Now I just need to find a way to get back to the gardens. More will be blooming every week!


Lovella ♥ said...

Isn't it always the way it is? You can tell who carries the camera around in every family. I love the photos of the kids as well as you and Michael together.

It is so fun to see your family looking healthy and happy. I will be thinking of you and your eye issues. That is not easy...I'm sure.

Laura said...

loved this post.. and I want one of the pictures, maybe a small album for Mother's day... hint ,hint... they are just wonderful...!!!! I must get to the gardens ..... maybe we can meet there :).... love you

MarissaInks said...

I have got to say that even if I had never seen your baby photos that Christina brought to that one meeting, I could completely tell that Laura was your child from the first photo here. :)
The IMA is so much fun, I miss working there and being apart of something so amazing as 120+ acres in the middle of a major city.

Karen Reyburn said...

Yay, all so beautiful! Cracked up at the one of all the kids, so funny!! :) Rachel is getting so big, amazing it was only last year i was there! Look forward to seeing u's soon, and sorry about the trouble with the eye, I'm sure Angi sympathises xx

Candice said...

What a gorgeous setting, and what a sweet family!

Anne said...

Such a nice post! I so enjoy reading your blog. And I noticed I could follow you on Pinterest. Now I feel like I am stalking you.

ps. Your spring flowers have been very popular at the shop.

Heather said...

Lovely lovely pictures Heather - the children are growing so much! I love the garden - it would be so fun to have an afternoon there with you! I'm sorry about your eye difficulty - is it a symptom of your other health issues?