Thursday, June 21, 2012

Diamond Jubilee Tea Party

We finally had our Diamond Jubilee celebration this week, in the form of a tea party.

I dressed the part, in an outfit I happened to find last weekend at Salvation Army!

Christina brought over all her roses and made magnificent arrangements for the party.

Here are all the fabulous tea cozies!

Some of the yummy treats........

Chocolate cake was a must, complete with bunting!

The table looked so pretty with all the china and glassware.

I managed to find a picture of the Queen.

Christina brought over her Union Jack pillow.

And I pulled out the pillow cover I had found years ago in Scotland for probably less than a dollar. It took me months to figure out that the pillow was for George VI's coronation in 1937. The four countries of the UK are present with their flower.

The punch table greeted guests as they came in the door.

More of Christina's lovely flower arranging!

I just love my tea trolley!!! I'm so thankful to have it!

The bunting made everything look festive.

 Christina made her fascinator. She also spent two days helping me get ready.

This is my favorite picture of all!!! I love it that everyone was in red, white or blue and look at all the hats!!!!!!!

Having people around the table is one of my biggest passions.

We spent the time visiting and chatting all about the Queen -- everyone brought a few facts to share.

Everyone also brought a box or bag of tea and at the end we went around the table and each person chose a package.

Check out these lovely tea tins!!!!

It was a delightful afternoon and we are all looking forward to the Queen continuing her long reign!


Lovella ♥ said...

Heather, What a delightful Tea Party. I love how you celebrated. The table complete with beautiful dishes and so inspirational. I can imagine you blessed those ladies and they all felt like royalty for a day.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Applauding wildly (while wearing white gloves and a hat in my mind!)
Thank you for allowing virtual attendance of this lovely gathering. Long live the Queen, and long live friendships that create moments together to celebrate in style.

Reneelynn said...

Looks like you had a wonderful tea.
How special to spend time together with friends.

reader19 said...

We had a great time looking at the pictures of your tea party!!! We loved the outfits, decorations, flower arrangements, pillows, hats, tea cozies, teas, the golden framed picture of the queen, and especially the chocolate cake!!!

What a great idea!

Charis's Mum said...

It looks like you had a lovely time!

Anonymous said...

First - I love your love of life - celebrating every occasion possible.
Second - I don't know how you all stay so slim with all this amazing food you always serve!
loved the pictures - thanks for sharing!

...they call me mommy... said...

How DELIGHTFUL! :) I have one question...are you of British ancestry? :) Or just a fan of the Queen?

willow said...

It all looks lovely Heather. I like your embroidered cushion, my grandmother something similar with the flowers representing the four countries.

Shirley Ann said...

What a lovely tea! looks like you had much better weather than we did in England for the Jubilee week-end!!

Lorna said...

This must be the best Jubilee tea I've seen, what a tremendous effort! Her Majesty would be delighted. There's so much to comment on, from the flowers, to the tea table, the beautiful trolley, the lovely china, and the excellent red, white and blue costumes (you look fabulous in yours, by the way). What a marvellous celebration, you've cheered my day!

HeatherMavis said...

Now that's really knowing how to have fun. Did you worry and get stressed while planning this? May I guess? "No" (?) When creative people are given room and permission to breathe they come up with things like this. You were blessed with a nice group of ladies that really "entered into" the fun.

harmony and rosie said...

Oh my, Heather, how I would love to be at one of your celebrations, they always look so much fun. So much effort you've all gone to, it all looks so wonderful. As do you x