Friday, June 1, 2012


Well, I didn't get the expanded book review written yet because that time slot got taken over with buying a couch. :) We've been trying to find one for ages and when the right one popped up on Craig's List I had to drop everything and go get it.

So far I'm very pleased with the couch. Next task is to find chairs to go with it as our chairs are in quite desperate straits. I also have a different picture to hang above the couch. Decorating is an ongoing saga.....Life is an ongoing saga, isn't it?!

It's a rainy, cool day here. Very welcome after dry, hot weather. I've been working on housework and projects and the kids have been playing with friends. Tomorrow is Goodwill 50% off.....

I will get to work on that book review and hope to have something for next week. Happy weekend!


Heather said...

Your 'new couch' looks very comfy and perfect for cuddling up to read! I hope you find just the right chairs to go with! I envy you your GW sales - we don't have any at all at our store!

Ruth MacC said...

Yes, decorating IS an ongoing saga, it never ends!!!
I like the denim colour:)
50% off!!! YOu might get hyour chairs there?