Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Indie Handicraft Exchange

A friend and I made it to the Indie Handicraft Exchange this past Saturday at the Harrison Center downtown. I thought I would put up links to some of the vendors so you can see what we saw......

Kinaloon - loved some of these silkscreened cards
KellyLimberg - jewelry
Shopshawnasmith - sewn things for kids
Cordial Kitten - illustrations
Marcy Davy - prints
1606 - sewn accessories
Crimson Tate - modern quilting
Muggy Tuesday -- beautiful crochet jewelry -- this is what I would have bought
Paper Acorn - paper accessories (they had the cutest booth!)
Owlette - sewn items for children
Ello There - stationery
Circle Street - sewn cards
Two Seaside Babes - crochet for kids
The Wind & The Sail - gorgeous handmade animals
Of Little Matter -- miniature sculpy art
Curly Pigtails - handmade clothes for kids
Rag Trader Vintage -- lovely vintage watch jewelry
Boris Loved Natasha -- handsewn purses and zip cases
Moira K Lime Jewelry - jewelry
The Paisley Tab - sewn accessories
Sally Harless -- illustrations
VisuaLingual -- seeds


Alaina said...

I went, too but missed seeing you there!

Brennah Soukup said...

Thank you for coming to the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange, and thank you for mentioning Of Little Matter Miniature Arts! :D I hope you have a wonderful day!