Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Garden and Other Subjects

Summer is wonderful! At least, this summer, for me, is wonderful. I think it's the fact that homeschooling this past year was more work than ever with four different grades, despite the fact that it was a good year. It's also the fact that when I'm homeschooling I also have to do the housework, cook, mother, and be hospitable. It's so much easier in the summer to enjoy housework, just "be a mom", and not feel so stressed about the schedule. Why is summer so short???

We are beginning to harvest from our garden. So far we've had 4 bunches of radishes and 2 salads, which included some of our snap peas. We enjoyed this simple dinner of Stephanie's Stove Top Baked Beans and salad, also my latest favorite GF bread.

Cousin John comes over most Wednesday afternoons to play. He and Laura are still the best of friends and the worst of enemies. I was surprised to turn around and find them so sweetly sitting together in a chair!

I'm so happy with my patio garden. It looks bigger and prettier in person but it is beginning to make the patio feel like a little escape.

The broccoli grows bigger every day. I can't wait to eat it!

I've been putting enormous amounts of energy into the vegetable garen. I tried the square foot gardening method without raised beds this year. So far it is working pretty well. We'll see in another month.....I do have trouble with rabbits.

Laura is into baby dolls. I'm so happy!!!! I love to watch her play. And Laura likes her new nickname of "Dolly" and refers to herself in the third person as "Dolly". "Dolly wants milk," "Dolly is here," etc.

Did I mention Emily found her wedding dress?? I think I did, but we're excited about it! She and Craig and Mom have just spent a week out east at another wedding and visiting friends. 

Michael will be traveling a lot the rest of the month. We haven't been to the pool much because the weather has been so delightfully on the cool side. Not so anymore! I'm off to a craft fair later today but first I must go and tackle the piles and piles and piles and piles of ironing.......


harmony and rosie said...

Those two look very cheeky indeed! Lots of lovely things happening at your home Heather, enjoy those times before it's housework again, groan!
Kate x

Anne said...

"Dolly wants milk" is soooo cute. My mischievious niece always says "The baby did it" when she has whipped up a little trouble. Your garden looks fab and I always enjoy your food posts.

Jessica said...

your garden looks great! my peas are about the only thing that survived 'the attack' on my seedlings. i think my garden is going to be a bit of a pass this year unless i get motivated soon! ive been finding myself at my sewing machine or stitching more often than in the dirt this year.

Ruth MacC said...

Good luch with the ironing lol! Lovely catching up. Must be very exciting looking forwards to the wedding. I love them. Love the garden too. Is that sweet pea growing up the metal fence?

Esther said...

We're sq ft gardening too! So far I have mixed feelings. It's working beautifully in my tiny raised bed in our back yard, and not well at all in our large community garden plot. Live and learn! :) Your peas (if that's what they are) are about twice as tall as mine!

We read Transforming Grace last year in adult SS and profited from it--glad you're finding it helpful too!

Esther H