Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Diamond Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth has been celebrating 60 years on the throne this weekend, culminating in the service of Thanksgiving today. We've been talking about the Jubilee all weekend and watching news clips as they become available.

Queen Elizabeth is someone that I greatly admire -- her strength, determination, self-denial, and commitment. Not to mention her ability not to be swayed by what people think.

Christina and I will be celebrating today with a cup of tea and a chat. Long live the Queen!


Ruth MacC said...

You know, relations between England and Ireland have been strained over the centuries and we wouldn't normally have great time for the Queen, but, last year she came to visit Ireland for the first time. She made a great effort during her visit to heal some of the pain between our two countries. For example, she paid a visit to Croke Park where, in 1920 Brittish forces went in and gunned down many people who were ther to to waatch a gaelic foot ball match. Of course it was a long time ago but even so, it had never be acknowledged by the Brittish. SO you can see how it was a very bit thing for the Queen to visit the stadium and leave a werath there:)
Because of her visit last year, I thnk there has been a change of attitudes towards the Royal family in Ireland and I am glad of it.
So, enjoy your tea and snippits on t,v. Long live the Queen lol!

Ruth MacC said...

I should have checked my spelling before I posted that one!!!