Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Aunt Karen's Cards

I have always loved my aunt and uncle's art work. We were fortunate to grow up with it gracing the walls of my parents' home and every once in awhile we were allowed to tip toe quietly into their studio to see the works in progress.

Many years ago Aunt Karen had cards printed up with different paintings.

We bought a bunch and then there were no more available. So, I rationed mine out. 

I think I have one left in my stationery collection.

But just last week Aunt Karen announced that she has cards to sell!! YAY! I'm buying a whole bunch! I'm especially in love with all the tea scenes. Yes, these are my beloved cousins in this picture below:

And this is a scene from my beloved Vermont:

So, if you want to buy any cards (the price is right!) just check out Aunt Karen's Etsy shop or find her on Facebook under Karen Winslow (she has more cards available on Facebook).

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