Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Life Here and Now

It is Valentine Season around here! Actually, I've done a horrible job of helping the kids make valentines this year. Last year we had so much fun making things from Pinterest -- every kid made a different kind. This year wasn't one of those years! Oh well! Every year is different and that is okay!

We won't see my mom on Valentine's Day so we celebrated with her on Sunday with a traditional Valentine's breakfast lunch of waffle, strawberries and cream. Mom had made us each valentines. 

Here is everyone enjoying their valentine!

 This is what Sunday afternoon often looks like at our house. My mom comes over for lunch and we sit around visiting or she plays a game or two with the kids and we work on knitting or other handwork.

We've just started a new plan of saving a certain book on tape just for Sunday and about half way through the afternoon we pull out the CD player and all sit around to listen. Right now we are listening to Little Men, having finished Little Women. These are moments I do treasure!!!

 Monday evening we headed over to the mall to use some Christmas gift cards at the Lego Store! What a fun outing for the kids. They could hardly wait all day! We stopped first at McDonalds to use other gift cards which was excitement enough! 

 After what seemed like hours the boys finally decided to pool their resources and choose the Hobbit Hole. They were so excited! Poor things had to wait until after school and chores today to put it together.

Laura is doing so well. I think she has fully recovered from her surgery except for the small wound on the top of her head. We are all very thankful for this.

I have slowly been turning things from Christmas/winter to spring around the house. The extra hour of light we now have from 5-6 p.m. makes a world of difference to me. It lifts my mood considerably. As does the purple hyacinth whose perfume sings spring to me whenever I smell it.

I'm still missing a few winter snows that keep us housebound and clear the schedule of all obligations. Maybe it's just that I'm entering a new season of life with the children getting older and it takes so much running around to make sure they are getting the right education, opportunities for good play with friends, and of course trips to the doctors!

My knitting has hit a complete pile up because valentine crochet took over (more on this tomorrow). However, I am getting so much joy from this that I am not too upset.

The clock says it is time to stop and head to bed for a little reading time before the very busiest day of the week tomorrow.


Kathy said...

My sister put me onto your blog and I really enjoy it. I've nominated you for the Liebster award... have fun with it! http://carpelanam.blogspot.com/2013/02/the-liebster-award.html

Everydaythings said...

you have a lovely family, and glad to hear Laura has been doing well! I love your breakfasts!

southseaislandhome said...

I am so glad to hear you say that your hyacinth is out and spring is coming because we have been roasting in a heat wave down here for about 6 weeks and I am soooo ready for some cooler weather. :)
Love that photo of you and your mum knitting, and I thought that in 30 years time that will be your Rachel and Laura - there's such a strong family resemblance.

Jessica said...

That is a great idea to pop in books on tape. I think I might make that a new tradition. I can't even envision spring right now! Although I have my seed catalogs in hand so I know it will arrive eventually. The hearts are so cute too!