Friday, February 1, 2013

The Tea Trolley: All in a Week

This blog post may make you think that all I do is sit around and drink tea! Ha ha! It's just that it seems that tea appears whenever I am with other people. What a delight!

Look at this beautiful tray my neighbor prepared for us when I stopped by for a visit late last week. Isn't it lovely! It made me feel so special! (And I need to keep my eye out for a tea tray like this!)

I popped around to another neighbor yesterday and this is what she had prepared for our tea, along with a pot of a dark tea containing something like lemon grass, ginger, and other spices. Look at the color of that papaya!!!

The tea trolley was busy on Saturday for a gathering of the women in the family and the sharing of knitting and reading ideas as well as sampling several teas and enjoying delicious food.

And here is tea-time at my sister's where several of us gathered for knitting lessons this week in preparation for beginning a new sweater pattern. Each of us received our own teapot with our own choice of tea!

We were treated to dinner at friends this week and I brought along this pavlova filled with orange curd whipped cream and berries. Oh it was delicious! And I failed to get a picture of the tea trolley. I chose to have a Rooibos Chai with my dessert. A similar pavlova recipe can be found here.

I've been drinking more rooibos tea this week, thanks to the prompting of another friend. I had forgotten about plain rooibos (maybe I put it away when I was pregnant with Laura?). It's my new friend now and I am trying to ward off cold hands and stiff muscles with lots of tea!


Unknown said...

Pavlova is WONDERFUL!!!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I love seeing your tea cozy with the flowers, it is so cute!

It has been so cold, there has been a lot of tea drinking here.

I read your review of Celebrate so I was curious about it. It is lovely! If Steph and family lived closer, I could see some of those celebrations in my near future.

E-mail to follow soon. I've been keeping up with really quick responses and behind with friends that I want to relax and write.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I'm very impressed by these tea trollies and of course happy to recognise the Rosy Posy Tea Cosy! We're big fans of rooibos tea in the evenings at our house. We drink a LOT of tea of one kind or another, although rarely set out so delightfully.

Thanks for your very kind comment on my blog and your good wishes. I've been doing a lot of praying for this transition, as you might imagine!