Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bits and Pieces

I don't think I ever posted this picture! Last summer James really wanted to plant carrots so I let him, even though I figured they wouldn't work. And they didn't. But, when we were preparing the garden for this year, guess what we found?!!!! A nice, big carrot for James!!! 

Our weeks have been in an archery, Bible study, soccer routine for the past few months. Tuesday we drive out to 4h archery for the older three to participate. Wednesday evenings finds me driving Rachel into town for her junior high Bible study, and Thursday finds us at the soccer fields for practice. This week is the last week of soccer and then we will just have archery and Bible study.

Laura is such a fun little person to hang out with these days. She was so excited that I took her to the grocery store on Saturday. Her favorite thing is to hang on the cart -- it makes her feel big. 

On Friday we had a most exciting happening!!!! Last fall we had some caterpillars make chrysallis'. One of the chrysallis' was brown and a friend told us it probably would over-winter. So I put it in the garage and thought about it everytime I walked past, all through the winter. I pulled it out a few weeks ago and we all waited to see if this would be a dud or if the butterfly might actually hatch. On Friday it HATCHED!!!! The whole family was so excited, the adults probably the most of all!!!! It was a family event to let the butterfly go.

Isn't he beautiful!!!!

Three more days of school left! We have our last art class this week, our final soccer games, our Year End program and our spring piano recital! Everything is happening at once. Monday I want at least one hour of peace and the ability to DO NOTHING.


Amy K said...

Wow-that is a beautiful butterfly!!

Jessica said...

What a fun garden surprise and butterfly surprise! It is the little things isn't it. Every time I think about taking a photo of something it seems like we are dashing out or it is too dark. Spring is certainly turning into summer at a speedy pace (if only the warm weather would follow at the same rate).

Lovella ♥ said...

I love that! So Beautiful.