Friday, May 3, 2013

The Tea Trolley

For me, tea is synonymous with fellowship and/or refreshment. When there is fellowship happening, or refreshment needing to happen, tea is present. This week was no different.

Last week Laura joined our Bible study for a little birthday tea. We had blueberry muffins and everyone sang.

Laura had tea in her own teacup and afterward was very excited to open presents and read all the cards to us (incidentally, all the cards said "Happy Valentine's Day" -- at least that's what Laura read).

We finally got to celebrate Christina's birthday this week with the traditional picnic at the Art Museum Gardens. The weather could not have been more perfect! The company, the food, and the cake, were also quite delightful!!

When the chance to stop at Starbucks for 30 minutes BY MYSELF dropped into my lap during piano lessons this week I jumped at it! Perfect weather, good coffee, and a great Bible study made for a real treat in the middle of my week.

The only field trip we signed up for this year turned out to be an awesome one! A trip to the Wilbur Wright birthplace followed by a visit to the Levi Coffin house, accompanied by amazing weather, made for a memorable outing!

I loved the kitchen in the home of Wilbur Wright. No doubt tea and coffee were staples here during the mid-nineteenth century.

And this is inside the replica Kitty Hawk hanger where Wilbur and Orville spent so much time. More tea and coffee!

Inside the Levi Coffin house I admired the teaset from England in the front sitting room. I have much more to write about this field trip, but it will be in another post.

Laura's birthday cake was enjoyed by all of us on Sunday, accompanied by Darjeeling, Irish Breakfast, and Gold Rush teas.

And Laura now has her very one tea tray thanks to Andrew's woodworking skills. Laura loves it!

My afternoon includes a lot of planning -- for our last few weeks of school, the month ahead, our meals for the next month, and the next school year. No doubt I'll need to be fortified with lots of tea!

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