Thursday, May 30, 2013

Peony Love

My peonies are in bloom right now and I can't get enough of them. I go out to observe them several times a day and then pick them, bring them inside, and carry them about the house. And then I can't resist photographing each bunch that I pick. Their beauty is just amazing!

We found a dead bee in a vase today and he makes the perfect little prop for adding to the bouquets.

On other subjects, we are adjusting to our non-school schedule. I had great ideas of what I'd like to get done this summer and it's taken me two weeks to realize that extra housework is not a wise plan for this summer. UGH. Oh well. 

The pool is open and we've ventured down there twice. This will be a regular activity throughout the summer. It's a nice chance to catch some white space and I love looking at the pool and using my imagination to feel thousands of miles away from regular life.

Little by very little I am getting work done in the garden. I think this is the sixth year for my perennial garden? It is looking wonderful and I know we will enjoy lots of flowers from it. Also am planting numerous zinnia, cosmos, and similar types for picking.

My everyday hot drink of choice is decaf black tea with fresh mint thrown in. I pick the mint from the edge of the patio and it is Chocolate Mint.

The kids are settling into their new chore charts. Things have been added, as well as divided up, so I think more is getting done but no one feels overworked. I see one extremely thirsty plant in the dining room so I need to check and make sure that I put water plants on the schedule!

I can't believe May is almost over already! Michael only has three more weeks until he leaves us for his summer studies. When he returns, the neighbor kids will have been back in school for two weeks!

My favorite moments of the day are always reading with the kids: sitting with Laura before her nap, listening while on the road or in the evenings, or checking out new library books.

I think it would be nice just to have a space of time each day to sit and look at the peonies! I can't even imagine how to capture them with paint and brush. They just blow me away. And now I must get on to my other work.....


Lovella ♥ said...

So beautiful. I am bringing in bouquets now too and sending them home with my girls. I have decided I see them far more in the house. The scent is marvellous too!

Lovella ♥ said...

All the best with your summer plans. It will be different for you but it will be wonderful to see how God works it all out.

Heather Anne said...

They are absolutely lovely Heather! I adore them too! Another thing we have in common!

Reneelynn said...

My peonies are not open yet , maybe next week. The fragrance is so wonderful when you bring a bunch into the house!!!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

One of my peony bushes had flowers, it is the one I planted.

The one by the dogwood tree that has been here before we moved in hasn't bloomed the last two years. I'm thinking the dogwood was much smaller when the peony bush was planted and now it doesn't get enough sunlight.

Such is the challenges of living by a forest! It's the same reason I can't grow roses.

Yours are gorgeous! I am proud to be your blog mom. ;)

Candice said...

Peonies are just about my favorite flower; I used them in my wedding primarily. Unfortunately, we just moved into our un-landscaped house a year ago, and the one peony I had planted was completely eaten down to stems a week ago! Oh, well; it wouldn't have bloomed this year anyway....hope you have a fun summer!

Amy K said...

Peonies are a favorite of mine as well. Indiana's state flower, right? I love their rugged but elegant complexity.

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous peonies you have! In Scotland some people call them "peony roses" and you can see why. Is one of yours a Sarah Bernhardt?

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, peonies are my favorite. The florist in Scotland put peony roses in my bouquet for our wedding, They were slightly different than what I was used to seeing, but still beautiful. I am so excited to see you and the family in a few weeks.

Stephanie said...

Your peonies are beautiful! We have 3 bushes on the side of our house, but the blooms are white / very pale pink and not as prolific as your bushes.

SandRa Lee said...

The Plight of the Peony

My days of being caressed
And titillated
By those rotund bumblers’
Dangling feet
Have been cut short

I am no longer bathed
In the luxurious warmth
From the globe of illumination
Or sprinkled and splashed
With succulent life

Instead, my severed stem
Was doused in tepid tap water
While my head careened
Against cold, imprisoning glass
To droop, dispirited,
Thirsty for hope

I know full well
My buxom fragrance
This spiritless box
Yet I find nostrils
Inserting themselves
Between my silk petals
As if they could inhale
Angelic bliss
Before I am to be
Casually discarded,
Heaped with tomorrow's
Repugnant coffee grounds

‘Tis the cruelest of jokes