Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Words and Wool

I finished another batch of flowers this past week and they made their way down to Lilly's Soap Kitchen.

I loved this work basket I saw inside the Wilbur Wright birthplace last week! Back then sewing and knitting were of necessity!

Laura and I have finally gotten into a routine of reading together everyday! Yay! It's taken a long time to get there with everything that happens around here daily! She also likes to spend time in the kitchen with me while I make dinner.

I cast on today another Garter Leaves Shawl, this time with a sport weight rather than sock weight. It will be a bit bigger than the last one I knit.

I have made a lot of progress on Ronnie the Fox. The nasty bit will be sewing it all together!!

And check out this beautiful find from Goodwill this past Saturday! I could not resist this for $2. The knitting is absolutely beautiful! And I love the covered buttons too. I wish I knew the era it came from as it was made a long time ago. The fit is wonderful!

As for books that I am currently reading:

The Lady of the Lake by Sir Walter Scott is going slower than I hoped because of such little time for reading at the moment. However, I am enjoying it when I get to it.

  Scottish Reformation by D. Hay Fleming is a book I am reading in preparation for teaching the children this summer a little class on the history of the First and Second Scottish Reformations.

A History of the Scottish Reformation by Mackie is another book I am using for gathering information for the aforementioned class.

English Lakes: A History by Ian Thompson is a beautiful looking book I hope to start this week - giving the history of the Lake District in England, one of the most heavily-visited areas in England.

And now I must get on with some housework and gardening!

For more ideas on knitting and reading, hop over to Ginny's Yarn a Long.

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Heather Anne said...

Wow! You really made a beautiful bevy of blossoms! I hope they all sell quickly and are enjoyed by their wearers! You really scored with the fair isle sweater - mum made me quite a few of those in the early 80's - they were super popular and I loved mine!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, so many lovely things! Your felt flowers are hugely appealing. And how wonderful that Laura's enjoying reading with you. The cardigan is beautiful. I wonder if the buttons are Dorset buttons?

Everydaythings said...

and a visit to the Lakes is not complete without some reading about Beatrix Potter! Such a beautiful place I'm sure you will enjoy reading thru that book.