Saturday, June 29, 2013

Random Life

My garden is just gorgeous this week! Lilies are blooming everywhere we look or drive.

The roses continue to do well and I am thankful for several storms this week that kept the garden well-watered!

The newest rose has finally bloomed. It has a lovely scent and is a pretty lavender color. I hope the bush will grow quickly and the blooms will be even bigger next year.

We are keeping in touch with Daddy via cell phone. It's so cute to watch Laura talk. She keeps asking if Daddy is still driving.

 The cone flowers are blooming now and bees are buzzing everywhere. I bought a hummingbird feeder and now we have the hummingbirds feeding on our back patio. I just love watching them. They are too sweet.

This back patio is making me SO happy! It is right off the kitchen and several times a day I walk outside just to observe the flowers and plants and see what is happening.

We have one tall sunflower already blooming and this one is growing in the patio garden. Birds LOVE them.

The kids went to VBS this week. This certain VBS serves dinner before the sessions. How nice is that!? We ate dinner there twice and I appreciated not having to cook!

Laura thought VBS (which she called BBS) was so fun! She actually learned some important things too!

My mom came over one day to help me with some "summer house projects" and made pizza for us in the evening. Here is the gluten pizza.

We all love watching storms roll in and find the clouds amazing. Very thankful that there has been no storm damage!

Well, it is the final hours of the week. A few more things to tidy and straighten up. Dinner to cook. Maybe a pool trip to fit in? Definitely some audio books and maybe an episode of All Creatures Great and Small. Happy Weekend to you!


Heather Anne said...

Your post is saturated with beauty Heather - thanks for sharing your week!

Everydaythings said...

love the roses, love the pizza yum! and love the look of that dark sky... I do like thunder storms - or least the sky looks like there maybe one... am I right was there one? or just some rain?
ps whats Vbs? is it a camp for the kids or activities?

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

The flowers look beautiful. My deck flowers are pathetic after all the storms and rain.

They need a good dose of sunshine.

I can't get over the difference in weather from this year and last.

Unknown said...

Garden with amazing collection of flowers seems nice and that pic of mouthwatering pizza, is really great. Lovely posting.

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