Friday, June 7, 2013

The Tea Trolley

The week of tea began with a decaf coffee and a gluten free ding-dong at Le Dolce Vita in Zionsville, accompanied by a friend! The weather has been my idea of perfect for the last few weeks (in the 70's) and it is ideal for sitting outside!

Saturday found me stopping by my mom's artwork display at a local Art Fair:

And then popping across the street to check out the nicest little farmer's market type shop. Look at these amazing strawberries!

There was no time to stop for something to enjoy, but the atmosphere was so lovely I wanted to come back sometime for coffee.

Michael was away for two days at the beginning of the week and that happened to be the night that Laura decided to come down with a high fever and stomach bug. That meant little sleep and lots of time running her to and fro. Fortunately, Laura is a very patient sick person. But there was no time to run downstairs and fix my breakfast so I asked Rachel to bring me something up. Sweet thing came up with this tray she had fixed, complete with flowers. (This is my typical breakfast: whole milk plain yogurt with real maple syrup, decaf black tea with mint)

The biggest treat of the week was getting to go out to dinner with Michael! Thanks to Em and Craig who volunteered to make the evening happen! Michael and I enjoyed a lovely Mediterranean dinner alongside a local canal and then I sipped some herbal tea afterward.

I've been drinking hot things non stop this week in an effort to alleviate sinus pressure from a cold. Yikes! It does help though!

And now I am off to get ready for the next Tea Trolley event! I hope you all have a great weekend!

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Reneelynn said...

Rachel is a very thoughtful and loving daughter ;)

Unknown said...

Sweet Dreams is my new favorite tea. I'm linking up for the first time. Right now, my daughter and I are having a LAZY Saturday morning. We're watching Lady and the Tramp. Currently, I'm drinking coffee with half and half.

It was lovely of your daughter to think of you.

Unknown said...

Love the tray from your daughter!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes illness does bring out the best in people! That's a lovely tray. And how great that you and M had a chance to have dinner together. I also wanted to say (but didn't get a chance) that your Thousand Gifts post touched my heart so much. I've often thought of it since I read it.

Jessica said...

So sweet of Rachel! I'm glad you had a chance to get out of the house, too. I am in dire need of a date night. Poor W doesn't like to be left with anyone. Have you tried a netti pot for the cold? I think they help even it if is psychological. The tea options have me excited too!

Stephanie said...

That GF ding-dong looks delicious!