Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Words and Wool

I finished this tea cozy last week for a friend's birthday. It is my new favorite thing. I had planned to make crochet roses for the top but they just weren't giving me the look I wanted. So, I ended up putting a few of my own wool roses on top and that made the difference! I used this pattern as a guide for the base.

Rachel finished this shawl for one of her 4-h projects this year. We just got it blocked yesterday. She lost the pattern and so we have no idea what the shawl is called!

A few more mini flowers were made for a special order. They are to go on little girls' shawls.

Here's a picture of the group around the table for the aforesaid birthday celebration. We spent the afternoon sharing various books we were reading and working on our knitting projects. Good fun!

Another friend passed along this bookmark which I was so excited about! Since Rosamunde Pilcher is an author I recently discovered and really enjoy, now I can find some other books that are similar!

I haven't really finished any books this past week -- I'm just in the middle of a bunch! I thought I would share a few CD's we have been listening to and really like.

Scripture memorization has been suffering around here of late and friends suggested a few resources to help me out.

Westminster Shorter Catechism Songsvolume 1 is not Scripture but is an excellent accompaniment to Scripture memorization because it condenses the theology of the Bible into simple questions and answers that are helpful for building a framework for life around. We only have volume one so far but I look forward to collecting all the volumes eventually.

 Scripture 2 by Lisa McCann is our current favorite! My kids and I LOVE this CD. Lisa has compiled several complete Scripture verses into each song around a theme and set them to lively music. She also includes the same songs a second time on the CD but this time set only to acoustic music. I think this can also be purchased directly from Lisa McCann.

  Multiplication Unpluggedis completely unrelated to Scripture memory, but this is the CD that we are trying to listen to this summer to help everyone with their skip counting and multiplication facts.

And that's all for this week! You can find more ideas over at Ginny's Yarn Along.

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Heather Anne said...

Beautiful cozy Heather - so pretty with the felted flowers on top! Rachel did a great job on her shawl! So so pretty!

elizabeth said...

how cute!!! your daughter is way ahead of me in knitting skills! way to go! So nice to have uplifting things to listen to also ! :)

Amy K said...

Ah yes. Pilcher writes in a similar style to Maeve Binchy who is also good and has written a lot of novels set in Ireland and some in Scotland I think. Have you ever used the Literature Map to find similar authors? It's kind of fun to play around with too!

Paula said...

Those flowers are wonderful. So sweet.

The shawl is lovely, with or without a name! She should be very proud of herself :)

DawnC said...

I truly think it's the prettiest cozy I have ever seen! I am very impressed by your daughter's shawl too. Your blog is such a day brightener for me always.

Unknown said...

Your tea cosy is gorgeous, I LOVE the wool flowers - so clever. Love those bookmarks too, our Library does them from time to time, such a great idea.

Anonymous said...

My library subscribes to a database/website thing called "NoveList" (it's under the "research and learning" tab on my library's website). You can put in a book's title or author's name and find "author read-alikes" or "Title read-alikes" and it will give you a list with reasons. I used it to read thru quite a lot of British/Irish "chick lit" one summer :)