Monday, June 17, 2013

Summers are for Grace

All winter long I look forward to summer and think that is time I will get everything done that I can't do during the school year. Then summer comes and little by little I realize that instead of a to-do list, I need time to re-charge for the year ahead. It's hard to let go of hopes in order to stay hopeful yourself. I need to remember everyday that summers are for grace.


HeatherMavis said...

I hear ya. I for one, need to be reminded of this on a daily basis.

puttermuch said...

beautifully said. we all tend to put too much pressure on ourselve, summer, fall, winter and spring! hopefully, you'll have plenty of time for relaxation, tea and knitting....oh and reading too :)

Amanda said...

uBeautiful bouquet! I love adding hostas for greenery. Just breathe. I've made up this phrase after over hearing so much sports talk in my house. Momentum is such a big deal in sports (and everything else in the world) so now instead of "go with the flow" I say "go with the mo'" - When the momentum is there to help you through all that wonderful productivity, go with it. When its not, let it be and recharge. Just go with the mo! (And I think I'm going to do the hitchhiker in my Ella Rae Lace Merino....)

Lastly, you should let us know your opinion on the relationships - mess worth making book. I've heard good reviews but from questionable sources.