Friday, June 14, 2013

The Tea Trolley

There has been lots happening food-wise around here with more than the usual company gracing our doorway over the past week before our sabbatical begins in earnest.

I love the fact that Bible study always contains such wonderful, ethnic foods. We had Philipino fruit salad and purple yucca pudding as well as Portuguese olive oil cookies. This was accompanied by my favorite summertime decaf black tea with fresh mint from the garden.

One evening I needed to serve a vegan meal. I combined four things I love to make the meal and I certainly felt it was a feast! I made my favorite rice salad, my favorite chickpea salad (we left out the parmesan for those that couldn't take it) which I can never get enough of, a green salad with a new dressing my mom taught me (1 mashed avocado, juice of 1 lime, 1/4 cup canola oil, 1 mashed garlic clove, salt and pepper), and grilled vegetable kebabs. I should probably make meals like this more often!

A friend invited me to her house for tea this week and we sat with our tea in front of the window and looked out on her backyard. Can you believe the amazing blue sky with white clouds???? With the windows open we could hear all the birds that come to my friend's yard for all the treats she puts out.

We drank Bigelow decaf Earl Grey (which is my favorite decaf Earl Grey).

At the end of last week we had a birthday luncheon for a friend. I made the quiche filling using the recipe for these mini quiches. Christina pointed me to the recipe and it is amazing. We also had spinach salad with sliced kumquats and blueberries -- such a pretty and tasty combination!

The garden provided some lovely decorations for the cake.

Of course the cake is the usual King Arthur gluten free yellow cake.

Here are the Laura twins enjoying lunch.

And I had to throw in a picture of Laura as she is just too cute. :)

One last recipe I tried was tilapia with sliced kumquats and lime with garlic, salt and pepper. Kumquats make a unique and delicious accompaniment to fish!

And that is the week in tea! Happy Weekend!


elizabeth said...

what lovely tea times! Love the cake platter ~ so beautiful!

Heather Anne said...

Everything looks so yummy! I'm such a plain jane kind of cook - I should venture forth and try new things more often!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful food - and I love the "Laura twins"! They do look very much alike.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I have got to try that salad dressing recipe!

We call my husband and Faith The Pucker Twins because they share grapefruit together each morning when they visit here or we visit them.

As it is Faith is Hubby's soul-grandchild. Anna looks a lot like me although I wish I had even a fraction of her energy now that she is three!

Yummy looking food.

Everydaythings said...

your tea trolley is just amazing . . I never know what you'll be serving up next! the table always looks so appetising!

Laura said...

Just loved it... can we do the veggie meal on Sunday sometime ?... terrific!!! your blog makes my insides smile... love it so


Martha said...

The vegan meal, grilled veggies, rice and chickpeas look absolutely scrumptious! ♥ And was a beautiful birthday lunch table...and that cake with whipped cream and berries and pretty's like edible art. I'm such a foodie. I'm just awed by your tilapia with citrus, too.