Saturday, September 1, 2007

Andrew's 5th Birthday

Here is the excited birthday boy, eager to open his presents, and thinking he can't wait until the afternoon.

Everyone received a present from "Lady's Grandma" and these were allowed to be opened upon Andrew's return from breakfast with Daddy.
James makes such silly poses for the camera!
Baby Cakes was very excited about everything. He LOVED the balloons and has been pointing and ooohhhing at them since they arrived on Tuesday.
Andrew requested plain pasta with butter for lunch -- the children's favorite thing to eat.
Here is the birthday boy with the shirt he really wanted me to make for him. Aunty Em made the cake and we iced it with whipped cream and decorated it with chocolate chips -- a simple solution to decorating.

This is about the most expressive I've ever seen Andrew on camera!Everyone is helping with the present-opening and card-reading.The "piece de resistance" was a remote-controlled tractor. Andrew was so happy.And here is the scrumptious looking cake, which I had to forego for healthier options.
I was thankful to be well enough to participate in the festivites and fix lunch for the children! Maybe by the time the next birthday rolls around I'll be able to make the cake too, although Em does a terrific job!
And now it is September, one of my favorite months in the year!!! The weather here is perfect -- it feels like about 70 with a nice cool breeze and plenty of sunshine. My sister brought home candles that smell of spiced apple cider and squash from the farmer's market which she intends to cook for us tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

What a sweet family you have. Your blog is lovely. I will add you to my bloglines and read more as I am able.

Thanks for entering your name in my blog giveaway. I hope you continue to get your strength back. It must be very hard to cope with such a young family.