Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sunday Dinner

This weekend I was not up to making Sunday dinner, but my sister took charge and produced a wonderful meal. She went out to a local Farmer's Market on Saturday and came home with fresh spinach and lettuce. She also stopped by the grocery store and came home with these beautiful flowers for me, and all of us, to enjoy. I loved how they came in such a tall package!
Here is the wonderful meal, a bit of a variation on some of what we had last week. Emily made "Bangers and Mash" with a kielbasa-type sausage and made a gravy of onions, apples, and red wine. She cooked up red potatoes and mashed them with butter, cream and parsley. And we had more roasted butternut squash. The salad had spinach, lettuce, pears and dried cranberries with a lemon juice/olive oil dressing.
Em made several arrangements with the flowers she brought home and the table looked nice and festive.
Here is the pumpkin cheesecake Emily made. Our two guests pronounced it "gorgeous".
People keep reminding me that on the road of progress it is often two or three steps forward and one or two steps back. This weekend has been a few of those backward steps, which is discouraging. Looking at these pictures helps to remind me of the many blessings along the way, despite the hardships. One of the weekend's blessings was the arrival of a "bloggy prize" I recently won. Hopefully soon I'll take a picture of it and post that -- it was a lot of fun to receive.


Jessica said...

fim glad you like it : ) it was fun to make too! i actually forgot to take pictures of it.. figures..heh. enjoy the flowers and food! so nice..

~~Deby said...

Found your blog from Susan's...yummm does this meal look good...and so Autumn'ish.