Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Last Few Days

I was very excited to be able to cook Sunday lunch all by myself this week! It felt so good to be creative again and back in the kitchen. We had roasted butternut squash with lots of herbs.
Here is the complete menu -- baked pork with sauteed apples and onions (that idea came from "Farmer Boy" and Rachel recognized it right away!), the roasted butternut squash, and roasted green beans. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
Monday we received a visit from the parents of the Bride from the wedding Michael performed on Saturday. They brought by one of the arrangements from the wedding. I was thrilled! Pink is just about my favorite color for flowers. Some of the roses were a little spent, but my Mom fixed up the arrangement today and we are enjoying its beauty and the very heady perfume of the lilies.

I made it to church on Sunday! I'm continuing to make progress and walked down the block today to try and start building up some stamina. I may not have mentioned, but I'm following a very strict hypoglycemic diet and that is helping immensely.


Anonymous said...

I hope you keep getting better and stronger. I have post-prandial hypoglycemia and have to eat something with protein whenever I eat a high-carbohydrate food.

I love pink flowers, too. But, I guess the true blue ones are my favourites. Fall in my garden is mostly pink. I have lots of cosmos this year. I just gathered some seeds this morning. They self-sow every fall.

Jessica said...

yum! that squash looks delicious. you will have to post the recipe. i will pick one up at the farmers market and give it a try. your package is going in the mail tomorrow (at long last) enjoy!

willow said...

Glad to hear that you are getting better. Your Sunday lunch looked great, perfect autumn food. Butternut squash is one of my favourites particularly made into soup.