Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Few Thoughts From Today

Often I ask the children at the end of the day, "What was your favorite thing today?" Yesterday, my favorite thing was introducing baby David to crayons. I asked Michael to pick me up a set of chubby crayons and after dinner I sat him on my lap at the table to let him start drawing. He was so cute! He sat there contentedly for quite some time, his tiny yet chubby hands grasping the crayons and scribbling on the paper. He was so sweet!

Today the children (except David) went off with Grandma and Auntie C to celebrate James' birthday. They went to Auntie C's for an indoor picnic (due to rain) and then went to a pumpkin store. They brought back a number of specimens and some beautiful photos (which I may publish later in the week).

Michael went food shopping for us yesterday as my sister was busy studying for tests. He did a great job and followed the list I sent. He took James and Baby David and even managed to pick out David's first pair of shoes! It was fun to watch David walk around as if he was wearing 5-pound weights on his feet. He'll get used to the shoes before very long.

I am working on coming to grips with the fact that this recovery is going to be long and slow. Sometimes it is hard to give up thoughts of going to social functions, visiting friends (or having them visit), go shopping, etc. Looking on the bright side, I'm having plenty of time for reading, being home with the kids, and working on small little scrapbook or crafting projects. I'm trying to teach myself that it is okay to miss out on things (like the picnic/pumpkin outing today). In the end everyone is happier if I'm not a basket case at the end of the day. :)

I am reading a book on World War I right now. This is a portion of history that I know little about and would appreciate any recommendations of good books with an overview of this time. I've been so fascinated by World War II and hearing so many first-hand accounts of it when we lived in Scotland. I figured I ought to find out more about the War that preceeded it.

That's all for now. It is a very rainy evening here in the Midwest. I think tomorrow will bring cooler, more Fall-like temperatures.


Jessica said...

ahh..the shoes.. the crayons..so cute! embroidery is a good rainy day activity ; ) back to sewing! have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Dear Heather,

You have such a sweet attitude in spite of your health challenges. I am inspired by how you are making the best of a tough situation and how you are so thankful for the blessings in your life.

Lady of the house said...

I saw that sweet note you left about my comments. Unfortunately, I was unable to respond in a timely fashion because of a trip home to the farm in KY. I returned a few days ago and have really enjoyed catching up.

The World War I era was a fascinating time wasn't it? I wrote my senior thesis in college about German-Americans during World War I. I wish I could think of some good books to recommend to you, but most of my sources were old newspapers and magazines.

If you have any titles to recommend, please post! I'd love to revisit this topic. I've really hit a reading slump lately and have just been re-reading favorites.

Sorry to hear about the set-back. Your attitude in the midst of it all is admirable. I'm so glad you at least had that week or so where you felt a lot better. The tide will turn again.....

Anonymous said...

Nice blog entry Heath...thought I'd leave a comment while I was passing through your blog!!! ;) So...am I fired as the shopping lady? ;) haha!