Saturday, September 29, 2007

Thrift Stores, Garage Sales, and Food

This weekend is Garage Sale weekend in our neighborhood. For those of you who love garage sales, you can imagine my frustration at not being able to get out to the sale right across the street and the ones just up the street. I've been back in bed the past few days, but I did have the fleeting thought go through my mind this morning "maybe I could just make it outside and across the street". I decided it was more prudent to attempt getting to the window and just look out!

And then my dear husband came to rescue and said he would go by the garage sales and make sure there wasn't anything important I was missing! (Michael does not like to go shopping, or garage-sale shopping) So, on the way home from taking Andrew to soccer (along with all three other children --- I wonder what the other soccer moms think of this Dad who shows up with 3 kids and a baby and no wife!) Michael found a bookshelf at one of the garage sales! Yeah! It was quite large, and made of real wood, and fitted perfectly in his office (And, Michael even bargained with the lady to get it for $10!). This afternoon he was able to get all the piles of books off his floor and onto shelves!

Another thing I've missed by being stuck at home is Thrift Store Shopping. It's that primal instinct of "the hunt" and the possibility of discovering treasures (or good deals) that draws me. My two sisters went out yesterday to several local Thrift stores and Goodwills. This morning Michael found a pile by my door with a beautiful card. They had found me three lovely blouses and a pair of Lauren khakis!

And then there is the Food side to this illness. My appetite has been so bad for almost a year, and when I get stuck in bed it pretty much disappears. Sometimes I think I ought to change my profile on this blog -- I've not been feeling like a Foodie recently. :) Anyway, I was pretty discouraged about eating this morning and had no idea what to ask Michael to bring me. So, Michael took over and told me he would find something to "tempt" me. (Michael is NOT a foodie -- or rather, he is not a kitchen person, but he has certainly developed a much broader appreciation and understanding of food since we were married :) ) Up came a tray with a beautiful array of food. There was a plate with sliced strawberries and slices of two kinds of cheese, a plate with two kinds of crackers and half a whole-wheat english muffin, and three little glasses with cottage cheese, stewed apples, and yogurt. That definately made my day! Thank you, Michael!

With an illness like this, there are so many ups and downs -- sometimes hourly, usually daily, always weekly. I have been so encouraged today just thinking about the things I've written above, and how God has sent little blessings to me in the midst of trying times. I pray that I will continue to be patient and faithful through the down-times that are ahead and keep looking for the blessings.

I thought I'd post a few more pictures from the kids' outing earlier in the week. They had so much fun. And today they got to go out to Panera for lunch with Auntie Em (this was her gift to James for his birthday). (Another foodie note -- they brought me back a whole-grain bagel which has certainly added interest to my fare this afternoon!!!!)

I have memories of going with my sisters and my Mom to a pumpkin place like this when I was a child. We were allowed to pick our "own" pumpkin to bring home.
I hope you all have a good weekend!

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