Thursday, September 13, 2007

Out and About

Yesterday Michael took me out to lunch! A friend was watching our children, and it was the perfect time to be able to have a date to ourselves, and get me out of the house after my long bout of being housebound. I chose the prettiest place I could think of, within easy driving distance.

We had lunch on the patio of the Brick Street Inn.
And we stayed around to read our books for an hour or so after lunch.
Then we decided to try and give me a little exercise by walking up and down the street a little bit.
Here is my fall purse that I knitted last year.
I loved the color of these shutters. You can't see the golden door with the magenta trim that stood next door. The colors were terrific!The sun was very strong, and so not ideal for pictures, but I tried anyway. The pink flowers on this stair railing were just gorgeous!
It is so wonderful to have lovely Fall weather here at last! My sister and I were just looking at old issues of various Fall magazines and trying to think of some Fall menus.
A happy weekend to all of you!

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willow said...

Hi Heather,
That certainly looks like a very pretty place for lunch.
I like your felted bag, perfect for this time of year.