Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pictures from the Week

I am now "officially" taking visitors, and these beautiful flowers came in the arms of one such person. They are so pretty, and I'm enjoying them so much.

Decorations on the table

I've been starting to make dinner again! And this week I helped with Sunday lunch. Most of the cooking was done by Emily (my sister who lives with us), but I got the pork roast into the crockpot. It was a lovely meal -- we dumped apples and onions and some peach/ginger jam and a few green chilies and some salsa onto the meat and let it cook away.

Our little secret is putting a frozen roast in the crockpot and letting it cook on low overnight. It's worked everytime and there is no more fussing about getting something thawed at the right time.

These mums came from a friend in memory of Michael's Grandmother. They look perfect in our living room, and make it feel more like Fall.

A gaggle of turkeys appeared on the kitchen table the other day when Grandma was here. She and the kids made about 25 of these cute little birds which will serve as place markers for our Thanksgiving feast. I thought they were extremely clever!


Jessica said...

those little turkeys are great.. so glad to hear you are doing better. i love crockpot meals.. always so tastey and so easy!

Heather Anne said...

I love your pictures Heather! So much colour and so detailed! I love floweres too - I need to set aside a bit of my budget to buy them more often since they bring grat joy! I'm glad you are taking callers now! A step in the right direction!

If it's not too personal, may I ask how your over dose of medication occured? I never remember to look at my meds and wonder if I should be checking more closely. Pharmacists are people who are often overworked and make mistakes just like me!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to read that you were ill but happy to read that you are feeling better. Your children are beautiful! As soon as I figure out to post some pictures I will so keep looking from time to time. I love you and send my love to your family.

SueJ said...

Great that you are feeling much better & able to participate in simple family pleasures.