Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Recycle, Reuse, Reinvent

The title of this post is supposed to make you sympathetic to the following request, before you even read it. :)

I'm trying to collect some old 100% wool sweaters, vests, etc. to "felt" and then turn into creative things. I happened to think that some of you just might have some old, possibly ratty, maybe ugly or out of style sweaters hanging around that you are anxious to clear out of your closets before Christmas arrives. If any of you (in my area) do happen to have some such things, I would be happy to relieve you of them so I can recycle, reuse, and reinvent with them. :)

One of the blogs I enjoy finding inspiration from is: . This site will give you an idea of some things that can be created from old wool items. Of course now you may find yourself wanting to hang onto those old garments, and create yourself.

And just in case you are worrying: No, I'm not implying that I have ever seen any of you wearing ugly or out of style sweaters!


Monica said...

I generally try to avoid wool at all cost- I can't stand being hot. But I'm sure that we have a few items around here that are in need of a makeover. I'll take a look. What a resourceful idea.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you are not implying we wear some old, ugly and out of date sweaters! =)Ha -- anyways, I'll keep my eyes open!

landgirl said...

Hello, Heather, it was great to talk with your sister and to see you on my blog. It was a hoot to open up your blog and to see that you, too, were doing what I had been doing only a few months ago. I went into all the charity shops looking for wool sweaters. I had mixed luck. Some of the sweaters were nice enough for wearing. The ones that are torn or suitable for recycling are in much demand now. I have also had luck in finding yarn in charity shops and then knitting that and felting it. I made a great turquoise purse from Iceland wool and had to set washer at 95 degrees to get a good tight felt, but the effect was worth it.

Lovella ♥ said...

Heather, I just wanted to say I so much appreciated your tidbit of advice today. I so agree with Mummy knows best. I had already purposed in my heart to do this one thing especially. I've been practicing on their puppy with treats. Thanks again. Oh and the book idea would be great wouldn't it?
Have a great day.

Good luck with finding those woolens.