Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Somebody Loves Grandpas Yogurt

Yes, my Dad makes yogurt. This is a new hobby of is, and we all love the results. Dad's yogurt comes out way better than mine.
Dad's is nice and thick like pudding, just perfect for spreading all over everything. My yogurt seems to jell, but it's never as thick.
And the amazing thing is, Dad does this on a little camp stove! His kitchen is in the process of being remodelled, so Dad stands over his little campstove, heating two gallons of milk at once! One week Dad made me some super yogurt out of cream. It was really thick! It seemed to be just like the creme fraiche we got in Scotland.

Once I feel up to making yogurt again, I'll have to follow Dad's very scientific procedure, and maybe mine will turn out better too. In the mean time, we'll just keep enjoying "Grandpa's Yogurt" whenever it makes its appearance.


Unknown said...

He is the cutest mess ever!

Jessica said...

lol so funny! if he does cheese on a camp stove i will be very impressed. it is good to be back to blogging again!

Lovella ♥ said...

priceless. It's so great to be able to eat and not worry about a bit of mess. He should enjoy that while he can.

Heather Anne said...

This is perfect - just the pure bliss of eating and making a mess - and it's all good! I've never been sucessful at making yogurt, so when you get it down pat, please share the recipe! The kids love it and so do it!