Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turning 7

Rachel is 7 today! Yesterday we had a little party with Grandma at teatime, and today Rachel has had quite a bit of fun: breakfast out with Dad, a shopping spree to Hobby Lobby with Auntie Em, lunch with presents, and leftover cake for tea! Here are some pictures:

During rest time Rachel and Andrew decided to surprise us by making party hats and writing names on paper napkins. Here are Grandma and Auntie Em, sporting their lovely hats!

And here are the insepparable buddies

Rachel helped Grandma make a plain cake which we filled with some cherry pie filling and iced with sweetened cream, tinted pink

The cake looked good!

Grandma Winslow came with a big sewing basket for Rachel. Grandma LeFebvre sent lots of fun things to go inside! Rachel has been busy ever since!

Michael let the two boys choose a gift for Rachel -- James chose to buy her a cell phone and Andrew chose to buy a doll from the "Loving Family" collection

Daddy found a beautiful necklace with a little turtle on it since Rachel is our little turtle, having been born in Turtle Creek, PA

And I can't resist adding this picture of Baby Cakes, who has been very grumpily trying to cut his top molars. Poor Baby!

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