Monday, December 11, 2017

December 10

We were off to church in the morning and enjoyed having a guest preacher since Michael was out of town. My mom had roasted chicken with rice and carrots ready for us when we arrived home. I'd made some gluten free and refined sugar free gingerbread which we had for dessert. I was disappointed in its dryness and made a mental note to find a new recipe.

Mid-afternoon we went to visit an old family friend (and my former boss), Dr. Blackwood. We toured his new apartment and the facility where he lives and then David and Laura played a few Christmas songs on the big, shiny, black piano in the foyer. The kids practice each day on the piano that belonged to Dr. Blackwood's wife. I want to make sure he gets to enjoy the fruits of that gift. Oh course Dr. Blackwood did love it and the other residents who were around gushed in amazement at how wonderful the kids were (even though they were only simple songs). It stood out to me how such tiny little things could bring light and joy to an older person's life -- a bit like the small things that make a child happy. I think that's a good thing.

Back home there was just enough time for Laura's teatime before we headed back to church and another sermon by our guest preacher. We must have talked a long time afterward because we weren't home until 8:20pm at which time we had our weekly "pow-wow" with nachos for the kids. I tucked myself into bed with Handel's Messiah playing and wrote some Christmas cards until it was time to sleep.


elizabeth said...

sounds like a wonderful day! take care and get rest too!!! God bless you dear friend!!!

Pom Pom said...

What a lovely day!

Melissa Robbins said...
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Melissa Robbins said...

We did nacho powwows Sunday nights too. A family tradition shared!!