Thursday, December 14, 2017

December 14

It was a very cold day. Cold not just because the outside temps were in the 20's but cold because our furnace decided to stop heating the house.

We did have a lovely, uninterrupted morning of school aided by hot tea. Today we studied the history of Santa Claus over the last 1700 years. It's quite an interesting development filled with lots of legends, true stories, and cultural adaptations. We read The Story of Santa Claus which was just the right length and depth for our study. I had hoped to read The Autobiography of Santa Claus but I think we'll save that for another year. And we also read Silent Night by Will Moses which was a lovely Christmas story set in historic Vermont. Chocolate chip cookies and carrots seemed to be the authentic treat to serve.

After school we met up with some friends at the local theatre to see The Man Who Invented Christmas -- the story of how Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol. The movie fit so perfectly with our Christmas school theme this month that I had to take the three younger kids. We all enjoyed it and the first thing I noticed was how warm the theatre was after our cold house! I nearly fell asleep.

I took some time to get organized for Christmas when we returned home -- lists, lists, and more lists. But I do feel a lot better now, knowing what needs to be done, bought, cooked, and given.

By the time supper rolled around my hands were nearly stiff and I was pretty much done surviving the cold. I turned supper plans into soup and the heating man showed up at the door. Within the hour the heat was back on and we were beginning to thaw. Very thankful for this.

Andrew went off to his high school Bible study Christmas party with a gag gift and Rachel settled in to study for finals. The kids and I watched Miracle on 34th Street while I finished up the Christmas cards and did some sewing. And now it's time for bed!

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elizabeth said...

oh dear! so cold that would be! thank God the heat man came and fixed it!!! God bless and keep you dear friend!