Wednesday, December 13, 2017

December 12

Today was a day for a Christmas adventure of a very special sort: I flew to New York City for a visit with my friend, Christy, and dinner with my cousin, Anna.

Going to New York is a bit like entering Narnia -- it's a world away from home full of all kinds of sights, noises, tastes, and inspiration that I don't get at home. It's a magical place for me. And, I've always wanted to go there during December. A cheap ticket and a window in the calendar made it feasible.

A bit of an early start found me on Christy's Washington Height's doorstep by 10am! That gave us six hours to catch up, see her little boy Nathan, walk to the heather gardens, have lunch in the garden cafe, have our own tea party back at her apartment (essential of course), and talk about her baby who is due in just two weeks!

At 4 pm I headed back down to Penn Station to meet my dear cousin Anna for dinner! Anna is an artist with lots of talents and is about to move to Berlin so I was glad we could meet up one more time before she heads back over to Europe. Anna made sure I saw as much of NYC Christmas as I could -- we went around the corner to see Macy's fancy Christmas windows, which I've read and dreamed about. They were so lovely and festive and I wanted to meet the people who get to mastermind them. Then we whisked ourselves down to the Rockefeller Center to see the big Christmas tree, finding ourselves in the Garment District (read: all kinds of shops selling fabric) on our way. I had to resist the strong pull to go inside those shops and start browsing which would have led to wanting to start buying. We pushed our way through the crowds in Times Square and rounded the corner down to the Rockefeller Center. There was the tree in all its glory with such a large trunk I couldn't imagine how they moved it or set it up. And there was the ice skating rink (which I must go on next time) and lights on the buildings. Just lovely. I forgot to say my phone's battery died so I couldn't take any pictures of our evening adventure. Anna obliged my every "take a photo of that and send it to me."

It was nearly 7 when Anna found us a subway station and sent me hurtling back to Penn Station where I ran to the right track and jumped on a train bound for the airport. And that was it for my New York City Christmas adventure.


elizabeth said...

I am so very glad for your NYC Christmas jaunt!!! What a treat! :) I have yet to see these Christmas things and are dreaming of doing so!!! :) God bless you dear friend!!! when you have more time in NYC DV you and I will have to do tea and such!!! :)

Georgina said...

Lovely, Heather, and may I recommend a new book out this year called Red and Lulu which is about two cardinals who end up in the Rockefeller Tree.....don’t want to give it away. It is only about $5 on Amazon, Laura would LOVE it, I’ve already bought two copies. Glad you girls had so much fun!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I didn't realize at first you were there for one day. What a lovely adventure! :)