Monday, December 11, 2017

December 11

Today felt like one of those trips around Costco where you zoom from one tester-taster to the other, enjoying just a bite of life at each stop before it's on to the next one.

We finally sat down to start school around 9:15 only to receive a text from Rachel 30 minutes later asking if I might somehow manage to make it downtown to see her "We The People" competition which would begin at 10:45. Neither parent had, as yet, been able to watch any of the competition and with the change in time for her it seemed a possibility.

Laura and I abandoned the boys to do school on their own, jumped in the car, raced to Kroger to pick up some flowers, and then drove downtown to the Crowne Plaza Hotel with 3 minutes to spare. I'd already resolved in my mind I would have to fork out the $20 valet parking in order to get to the competition on time. I flew out of the running car toward the valet man only to find out the charge would be $30. Nope. I wasn't going to do that. Blessedly, the man showed me that an $8 car park was just north of the hotel and within four minutes we were in the hotel and walking to the competition, arriving in the room just as Rachel and her teammates were introducing themselves.

It was a joy to listen to Rachel and her friends present and I was duly impressed and proud. It's actually an answer to prayer that Rachel is so interested in politics, the history of our nation, and how government works. She and her school managed to win 3 of the 6 awards given today.

Laura and I popped back in the van, paid our $8 which by then felt like a real bargain, and drove north to meet Emily and Olivia for a quick lunch to celebrate Em's birthday. Laura entertained Olivia and we all enjoyed good food. When Olivia started to fuss we packed up and headed home.

There was time to change over the laundry and grab a cup of tea before a Skype appointment with a far distant friend. Fortunately that provided time to sit, relax, connect, and unwind after the busy morning. Mid-call Michael arrived back from his long drive home from Kansas.

Then it was off to the post office and back to the desk to take care of phone calls to insurance and that sort of tedious desk work. I threw some ground beef and onions in a pan and started on spaghetti, hoping to have dinner cooked before I headed off to a school meeting. Eventually I had to delegate the cooking to a child and take to the road again in order not to be too late.

Meeting done and home for the evening. Phew. I think the boys are calling for a little read aloud time to make up for our ditched school time this morning. That will help provide another moment of relaxation and connection.

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Heather Anne said...

Oh my ... funny how the Lord sometimes just takes a day and completely re-arranges it! It seems like you crammed about 3 days worth of activity into one ...