Saturday, December 16, 2017

December 16

I fooled myself into getting up at 7 by promising myself that meant I could go to bed early tonight and read (not sure I'll be managing to keep that promise.... but at least I got up on time).

We had our annual Christmas piano recital today. I think David and Laura are actually the only "piano" students -- all the other students are violin or viola students. The Christmas recital means there are some Christmas songs thrown into the mix of the repertoire and with all the church decorations and tasty treats afterward it has a very festive feel.

But before the recital at one there were cookies to bake (for said recital), the week ahead to plan, more amazon orders to make, and next year's nature journaling classes to advertise.

After the recital I did a bit of errand-running and then headed back to my desk to punch out a lesson plan on Laura Ingalls Wilder for my upcoming class. Michael went out the door to do something fun with Andrew only to find the area of town they were headed overtaken by a bunch of crazy people in Santa suits. Ha ha! I made some soup with greens and beef and rice noodles in it for dinner and then started in on tidying up what the children hadn't already done. I need to catch up on the finances and do a little prep for tomorrow's Sunday lunch and then maybe I'll get that book time in!

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elizabeth said...

wow! be sure you get some rest too.... I've been getting up a bit earlier too... so much to do, this time of year! God bless you dear friend! I love your December posts!