Saturday, May 17, 2008

Forest Treasures

Yesterday, being one of the very few dry days we've had recently, I decided it was high time we took a walk back down to the woods. I also wanted to check the progress of Mama Goose.

Here's what we saw when we reached the pond:
I think the green was due to bits falling off the trees, it didn't look like algae.

Once again, it was easier to see Mama Goose at home in the photo. But, it looks like she may actually be sitting on her eggs. Last time she seemed to be getting up too much. Papa Goose was busy floating in the clearer part of the pond, diving for food.

Farther down we came again to the little nest we found on our last walk. I was so anxious to look inside.
Finding that blue egg was the highlight of my walk! I was so excited. Capturing this shot is a little hard. The nest is above eye level, so I have to hold the camera up high and hope for a good one (all the while not coming into contact with the nest). I hope next time we go we'll find more eggs, or Mama Robin sitting on them!

And then we found lots and lots of Jack in the Pulpits, which fascinated all of us. We had to bring a few home for Daddy and discuss the idea of renaming them Daddy in the Pulpit.

And now today we are off to a highschool graduation for several homeschooling friends. It will be held back at the church where we were for Brian and Jaci's wedding last Saturday.


Unknown said...

What a nice walk! I love the pic of the egg & nest. What a nice card that would make!

willow said...

Lovely pictures, Heather. The green covering of the pond maybe what we call duckweed, thousands of little tiny round leaves. Our village pond gets completely covered like your photograph.
We've been walking in the woods as well, its so fresh and green at this time of year.

Heather said...

Your pictures are so pretty Heather - even the green pond! The trees are dropping all sorts of things around here - but that is a lot of green! Right now we are sweeping up helicopters daily - from the maple trees this week, but last week it was funny little flower strings - spring is a wondrous time! Your new perennial bed is wonderful - so much work, but well worth it!