Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ready for Summer

Yes, my closet and I are ready for summer, for those days when school is out and I just might have a little more time to work on some sewing projects. Thanks to help from my sisters, mom, and even Michael, I've collected a good number of wool sweaters in recent weeks, and I now have them ALL felted!

These shrunken sweaters are destined to become purses, bags, and double-point needle cases. I'm looking forward to posting the results (if the chance to sew drops in my lap).


Unknown said...

They look so sweet hanging up! Isn't it fun to reuse and recycle? It's amazing the stuff we throw out!

Heather said...

My felted sweater collection is growing too - I even have the same bright striped sweater felted and ready to go - in a big zippered plastic comforter bag - not arranged prettily like you! I can't wait to see your projects! Do you feel like you have a collection of sweaters for dwarfs on hand??? Either that or jumpers for the wee folk! Too fun!

Heather said...

Heather - I threw a few cedar balls into the bag too (to illuminate the 'goodwill' smell - they use those strong disinfectants) - I found the balls at wal*mart and they should deter moths too!