Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Girls for Tea

Sunday we had friends over and Rachel got to have a tea party! Girls and tea parties just seem to go together, and I've been waiting since Rachel was born for her to be able to enjoy tea parties with her friends.
The girls had lots of fun, and, apparently, LOTS of sugar was added to each teacup. (Reminder to self: ration sugar next time):
After the tea party, everyone went upstairs to dress up!
A lovely afternoon was had by all.


Unknown said...

What fun! It looks like Rachel was enjoying herself!

Heather said...

What fun! I watch for coupons on Domino Sugar cubes - about $1 per box is pricy, but then it is easy to limit to 'one lump or two my dear?' - it works well for tea parties here!

Monica said...

Thanks for the wonderful hospitality. The girls are still talking about it! As few of them had sworn off tea, but now they seem quite a bit more interested in my cup of tea in the morning:)