Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Weekend #2

After the wedding on Saturday, we headed to my sister Christina's for Emily's Graduation Open House. It was a lovely evening full of wonderful food and fellowship with many friends.

Here is the lovely graduate, surrounded by friends:
We had one day without rain! It was perfect for visiting out on the deck:
Poor Baby Cakes tipped right over into the drainage just like a baby duckling:
After a bit of a dry off, Baby was happy to sit with Grandma and enjoy some food:

Here is our wonderful hostess with her mother-in-law. JK, Christina's husband who is not pictured, also did a terrific job of hosting:

The dessert table was amazing!

Especially the chocolate-strawberry cake!
The food was mouth-watering. There was marinated chicken on the grill, steak on the grill, two kinds of potato salad, chips (for the sake of vocabulary: "tortilla crisps" :) ) with homemade bean salsa, veggies, and fruit salad.
Here is the grill master herself -- our friend Christine:
It was fun to see old neighbors, friends from in the city, and people we hadn't seen in quite a long time:
After the party we headed home for some rest before beginning the next round of adventures.


SueJ said...

What a wonderful weekend!

Monica said...

What a great celebration. You all must be so proud.

Wendee said...

Poor David! Looks like y'all had fun!