Monday, May 5, 2008

A Sunday Afternoon

Yesterday afternoon we had time for a little walk back down to the pond. Spring is making good progress, and there is so much green everywhere.

When we moved to the Midwest, one of the things I discovered was the redbud trees. They are one of the first to bloom, and their blooms are just beautiful. I was trying to think how to describe them. Really, it looks as if the redbud trees were in a purple ice storm. Blossoms sprout right from the tree branches and trunk of the tree and so it looks like the tree has been dipped in blossoms.
When the redbuds first bloom, there are usually no other trees with their green leaves out yet, and it is a startling picture to see a bunch of redbuds bursting in color among a group of bare, dark trees. But, the redbuds have been out for about 2 weeks now, and the other trees are beginning to go green, so it is not as startling in this picture.

We had to check on Papa Goose and sure enough, we caught a little glimpse of Mama, busy with her nest. She's still easier to see in the full-size photo than in real life.
And we found a nest up in a tree but a picture revealed no eggs....yet.
We've had a busy weekend, and I have plenty of pictures to upload at some point. Michael is already busy in the garden, trying to finish it up. And thus begins our week.

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SueJ said...

Lovely shots. The redbud trees are beautiful.