Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Make, Do, Mend

I recently came across the phrase "Make, Do, Mend" in Amanda Soule's "Creative Family". Apparently, this was a mantra of women during WW II when provisions were hard to come by. I find it just as applicable to today. Although, I think I'd personalize it a bit to read "Make-do and Mend". :)

I've been inspired by many blogs recently: the cute little summer dress Jess sewed, Catherine's talk about making a girl's jumper from a man's shirt (I can't seem to find the exact link to that page), the photos on Soule Mama, Rebecca's beautiful sewing, and various other artsy blogs I read.

Rachel is in need of summer dresses. She's at that size that is hard to find -- she's too big for all the adorable toddler and 5-yr old dresses that are so easily found at garage sales, thrift stores, and regular stores in general. I decided I might try to make some from some of my old clothes that were still in good condition. Then, I was at Goodwill one Saturday and just happened to walk by the pajama rack (which I don't usually look through). There were some lovely pieces of fabric calling my name and I did not resist.

Thus, we turned a pair of XXL pajama pants:
into a jumper for Rachel!
It did help that JoanEtc.'s had a $1 pattern sale, which made this very economical. Plus, I plan to use the pattern to turn my old clothes into more jumpers.

I also bought a brand new ladies pajama dress which looked cute and it is waiting to be turned into another jumper. It is not always possible for me to sew, but I think I might just have some time this spring/summer, so I'm going to try to do it while I can!


willow said...

Hi Heather,
I'm just giggling about the language differences. Of course I think a jumper is what you would call a sweater and I was wondering how on earth you'd made one from pajamas! Good job you posted photos! Rachel looks lovely wearing it.

Catherine said...

Wow I would never have thought of making a jumper from pajama pants! You're so creative!

Alaina said...

So cute! I'm impressed!

SueJ said...

What a nifty bit of needlework! I too read jumper for 'sweater' & was suprised to find pinafore dress!

Monica said...

Very well done and adorable, too!

Heather said...

Sweet! I love to repurpose fabrics - so much more creative than just buying yard good - though I do have some of those hanging around too! I have some rooster curtains that are just screaming summer p.j.'s ... but I have a pile of projects that must get finished first before I'll start something new! Great job on the pinny!

Amy K said...

How resourceful. That's awesome!