Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Weekend #4

The final event of our weekend was celebrating Mother's Day with our family.
After the graduation everyone headed back for a brunch-type lunch at our house.
We decided to get Mom some more perrennials for her garden this year:
After some homemade salsa with chips, hummus and pita, we sat down to blueberry muffins, fruit salad, spinach-strawberry salad, asparagus-tomato salad, and Quiche Lorraine and Spinach-Feta Quiche:
The quiches were delicious!

Lots of conversation around the table:
And strawberry shortcake for dessert:

And then we headed back to church for the close of our whirlwind weekend! I was amazed that we survived in tact, and also very, very grateful to God for providing strength to make it through. This was the busiest week and weekend of the year, and certainly the most activity I had participated in for a very long time.


Gabriela said...


Lovely blog and photos!

Warm regards,


southseaislandhome said...

Wow Heather!! You have had a busy time. Looks fun though, and everything always looks so beautiful. What are ya doing this weekend? Heehee.
Rachel L

Monica said...

What a nice way to end a busy weekend. You are a wonderful hostess. I had no idea seeing you Sunday that all that had happened- you seem so relaxed.