Thursday, June 12, 2008

Berry Progress

I do love berries! I seem to have been born with an internal radar that leads me to them (my family will happily attest to this). However, I haven't really found any berries in the wild since we returned from Scotland. But, this summer is different. Our lovely woods has some possibilities!

Last night I suggested we take a family walk, to the woods. Hmmmm....yes, well, to check the progress on the berries.

Sure enough, the mulberries were in. We all had one to taste. Yuk! I'm not sure what happened this year -- too much rain and not enough sun? Anyway, the mulberries tasted like rain water - no taste at all. We decided to leave them for the birds.

Next we checked the progress of what I think will be black rasberries. There seem to be quite a few bushes, and I'm just eager for that time when they'll all turn a lovely purple. Hopefully we'll get some before all the little wood creatures do away with all the rest!

And now I'm off to hit the town and a whole list of shops. Today's the day for the BIG shop for the weekend's festivities. The first family members arrive in today with more following in the next two days. There will be 35+ total! We can't wait to see everyone!


Amy K said...

You are very brave to eat wild berries! But I guess you probably know what to look for, unlike me. :)

Your herbs look great! This year I decided to just do one lonely basil. So far so good here too. Maybe I'll do more next year ...

Unknown said...

Oh, for Scotland and a good berry patch! Remember mulberry picking with David Winslow! Ha! What a laugh!

I hope all goes well with your family this weekend!

southseaislandhome said...

Hi Heather,
How's your busy weekend going?
Wuthering Heights is... interesting. My mother told me when I was growing up not to read it - but I decided at 36 it was safe enough to read it now. It's a good yarn, but very somber, sad and a little spooky. I heard a Dickens expert say once that the classics shouldn't be read by you for the first time, but you should hear them read to you - so if you can find it on audio, you might enjoy it better.
The story says more about Emily Bronte's mind and character than anything else, I think. There are a few really likeable characters in it.
Hope you're having a fun time this weekend. I've been thinking about you.
Rachel L

Heather said...

I love berry picking too - we scrambled over the rocks at Slaughterhouse Lake every summer picking wild blueberries and being chased by bears. Oh, the memories! Now, wild North country berries are $30 for a 4 quart basket - no one wants to trouble picking any longer. I hope that the berries will be ready when we head North this summer to mum and dad's so that the children can scramble over the rocks in search of berries - hopefully, no bears!
Thanks for praying for me - I am coming out of the fog - I know you know just what it is like to be tired of being tired and sick of being sick - such is chronic illness.
Leaning hard on Jesus!