Monday, June 2, 2008


Peonies are one of my favorite flowers. In fact, I was trying to decide yesterday whether or not I liked peonies even better than roses.
These are not my own peonies. These came from my mom's garden. However, my sister and I are dreaming about planting our own row of peonies out back.
I just can't wait until that heavenly scent will be drifting in through the living room windows!
My mom's neighbor brought her some pink peonies. Their color was just beautiful (unfortunately I had to take the photo at night, and the flash-lighting doesn't do justice to these flowers).
Maybe next year I'll have some of my own to show!


Unknown said...

Me too! I love them! Wish I had some around my house!

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh I love peonies too. Mine are a softer pink. I have always thought of planting some white ones. They do love a sunny spot and they don't like being moved. It takes a few years to really get them established but when they take off they are wonderful. Mine has been in the same spot about 10 years and this year I have 70 plus stems.
. . . I hope you find the husband for your sister before a plant produces that many stmes. . .(smirk)

Alaina said...

Beautiful! I love them, too!

Heather said...

Your pictures are so pretty! So lush and lovely! Do plant some if you can. We have far too much shade for them, but I'm almost willing to loose another tree for a bed of peonies!

I love peonies - I always have a dilemma though - to enjoy fresh now or dry to enjoy later? Mr. Neighbor has a bed 75 feet long and 6 feet wide - and every year he invites me to cut 'A bouquet' which I do! But I really want to cut another one to dry - they are so lovely dried and the fragrance is simply intense. It's too late now for this year - the hail and rain devastated them last night - peonies are always such a short lived pleasure - perhaps that's why I love them so much!