Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Party Preparations

Well, our party is over and just about everyone has gone home. It was a wonderful weekend! We had absolutely beautiful weather (which is amazing considering our recent storms), lots of good food, and so many family members to visit with! We had a special memorial service for Michael's Grandmother and enjoyed sharing our memories of her.

I have lots of pictures, so I thought I'd break them up into a few posts. The weeks leading up to the reunion were spent in preparations: lots of shopping, cleaning, organizing, and finishing up projects that have been unfinished for many months.

Here's the kitchen after getting home from the Thursday shopping trip:
My mom was over on Thursday to help with last-minute preprations, including all the beautiful flowers: (sunflowers were one of Grandma's favorites)

One of my projects to finish were new pillows for the living room:

And, after about a year, the chair pads for the wicker chairs in the kitchen:

I tried making iced tea concentrate, and it worked pretty well:

Emily turned her room into the guestroom for the weekend:

Friday was spent baking pies (blueberry, blueberry-nectarine, triple-berry, apple, and pumpkin) and a cobbler, as well as doing some of the food prep for Saturday. Family arrived in a steady flow beginning Thursday. Tomorrow I'll post some of the wonderful food we enjoyed.....


Karen Reyburn said...

Hey, it must be blogging day! I just put my new one up! Enjoying all the posts. I love sunflowers too :)

Unknown said...

Lovely pics! The house looks so relaxing and beautiful. The pies look scrumptous. Oh, there is nothing like summer and pies! Can't wait to see more!

Amy K said...

I can see your list poking out behind the tea in the picture. :) Sounds like it was a great weekend! The pies are so beautiful.

Just Me said...

Your home looks so warm and the pies look beautiful! I think I am going to give this blogging a try (with Robbie's help). I will let you know.

Angela Winslow

Alicia said...

The pies look fantastic!!

Lovella ♥ said...

oh your mom is so cute. .
ah. . the pies. .look just so perfect and delicious. Your home looks so inviting and beautiful.