Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Day at Grandma's

Yesterday we enjoyed a rare "day at Grandma's." It was so lovely, and beautiful, and fun! First we admired all the flowers blooming in Grandma's garden:

And then all the flower arrangements scattered throughout the house and outside:

The children played with the dollhouse:

And mom and I visited her studio and looked at all the new paintings:

Auntie C joined us for lunch on the patio:

Rachel and Andrew played beauty parlor with Great-Grandma's beauty case:

All the children enjoyed ice lollies!
Everyone got their hair done:

And of course we had to have afternoon tea with plenty of knitting and stories to go around:

The children, meanwhile, relaxed on the hammock:
Mommy continued with her knitting. I'm knitting a hat for myself. Funny thing in summer, but the colors are very "ice-cream-ish":
Grandma discovered a great big caterpillar:
And then sent us home with a beautiful bouquet from the garden:

Michael arrived home yesterday and we were all glad to have him back! It was a long week, in a way, with all our colds and being stuck inside much of the time. The week's definately ending better than it started!


Unknown said...

It was the best day! Like a mini vacation. We have to do it again in August! Thanks for posting!

SueJ said...

What a lovely record of the day!

Niall MacC said...

Isn't your mum very good with the plants AND painting. She is obviously artistic. I really like the idea of her home being child friendly, what with the kid's books etc. Well done grand ma. We could all take a leaf out of her book!

Josh Gillespie said...

Beautiful pictures and flowers!

Catherine said...

Oops for some reason I was signed in as Josh above! But it was really me! Although I'm sure he'd think the paintings and flowers were pretty too. :)

Heather said...

What a beautiful assortment of pictures! I'm glad you had such a lovely day with your mum!

As far as getting ready for your company goes, the buffet idea really worked well for us. Soup in the summer heat doesn't appeal to me either, but at least it is a good make ahead and you can just plug in the crock pot outside or in a garage to heat it rather than heating up the whole house. Also, do they mean home made soup or Campbell's? That would be good to know because canned soup eaters don't usually like the home cooked variety. Soup and salad or soup and a sandwich? Are you dealing with a lot of food restrictions? I hope not - it isn't easy!
Have fun and enjoy your company! What a blessing that you are well and able!! I'm sure you'll have a lovely time.
This week we hope to make mulberry jam, raspberry jam and strawberry jam - the strawberries are all but done, but maybe we can pick a few quarts for jam! I hope so! I just need to find some energy!

Niall MacC said...

Thanks for your prayers Heather. I really appreciate them. The situation is quite bad. I can't blog about it because of my brother. I haven't been allowed to visit my mum in 3 years although I live 5 minutes away. I was invited back on Saturday and because my brother and I had words over mum's health (terrible lack of care) I was put out by him again. It's a case of 'I don't like you so you cant visit mum'...

He has a lot of control over her but I see God really working in the hearts of my family!! (10 kids) and some of them are beginning after 3 years, to realise what is going on.

It really is spiritual war-fare. I had been forbidden to read the bible in her home, to pray even to say the work 'God'. that last order was where we parted company.

It's hard for me to submit to God's will cause I am so sinful but although it is slow and hard and I am a work in progress, God isn't giving up on me!!!

I know it is probably silly, but I get great comfort knowing someone I don't know (my sister!)in the US is praying to our Father for me! Also, God has given me a very godly and patient husband and a very godly pastor...
Talk soon.

Karen Winslow said...

Hi Heather. I love seeing all of the pictures of the kids! Your mom's paintings are a joy and always make me smile. It looks like it was a wonderful day. Love, Aunt Karen