Wednesday, June 4, 2008

On the Fritz

My camera is on the fritz. For me, that makes blogging just a bit different as I rely so much on pictures for my blog. However, I have plenty of pictures in storage, so blogging shouldn't have to suffer. And, the repairman hopes to have the camera finished sometime next week.

We are in the midst of preparations for a family reunion next weekend. Everyone is gathering here for a memorial service in honor of Michael's grandmother who passed away last Fall. After the service we'll be hosting a BBQ for all the family.

So, I've been busy making lists, cleaning, baking, etc., trying to get all those little projects done that have been sitting around waiting. Michael is working on framing the art that needs to be put up in our bedroom. I took the old, shabby pillows in the living room and re-invented them into some new pillows to go with our "new" chairs. I really like these chairs. They are covered in beautiful crewel work!

I've also been working on seat cushions for the wicker chairs, which have only been on my list of to-do's for about a year. They are looking really nice, and if I had my camera.....

We are having quite the round of severe thunderstorms here in the midwest. It seemed to storm all through the night last night, and this morning I'm up very early since it was too hard to sleep. I just hope the clouds rain themselves out before next weekend!

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Catherine said...

Wow, crewel work chairs are a real find!