Saturday, June 7, 2008

Garage Sales

I do love garage sales. I don't get to that many of them, but there are a few I make a point of going to each year. Usually, I can find enough clothes at these sales to clothe the boys for the coming year.

Today was the day for the top two neighborhood garage sales on my list. I looked forward to this all week, ever since I heard news via my sister and a friend from church that the sales would be on in their neighborhoods this Saturday. I kept hoping against hope that it wouldn't rain today.

I awoke much earlier than normal -- to rain. Not just a little drizzle, but a steady downpour. But, my friend and I were determined we would go anyway, and that is what we did. We met at my sister's house (she was out of town) and piled into my car along with friend's sister and my other sister. Off we went, us crazy people in search of garage sale finds.

The first neighborhood opened at 8am and that is about the time we pulled into its entrance and picked up one of their handy little maps they make for this event. Every garage sale in the neighborhood is listed, along with some items to give you an idea of what the sale contains.

I had to smile at myself walking up to the first sale. How funny is it that we will go into a nice neighborhood, walk up to the garage of an unknown person, look through their junk and buy it from them! If you think about it, it's a strange practice.

With each sale we hit we grew more and more wet, and the air grew colder. The windshield on the car decided to fog up and refused to de-fog no matter what we did. We had to laugh at ourselves slowly driving through the neighborhood, unable to see out the windows, wet from the rain, and still persevering on.

It was worth it though! We found lots and lots of kids clothes! I probably bought about 80 pieces for around $25 total. And many of the clothes come from stores like Old Navy and Gap.

We stopped after the first neighborhood for a coffee break. Sister #1 being out of town, we decided we would just take over her house for a few moments (sorry Sis!). Out came the coffee and tea, some waffles, toast and strawberries. Wow was that nice after being in the cold rain!

Then we were back at it. Driving and stopping, jumping out and walking in the rain. By the time we ended our sisters in the back seat couldn't get out anymore -- their laps were covered with stuff and there was no more room.

Between us all we came home with: a plant stand, an ornate, tall, wooden table for a plant that came from an auction (we decided the lady selling it was sentimental about it), an adorable little buffet, a baseball mit, 2 boxes of boys clothing, 5 bags of boys clothing, 3 sweaters to felt, a china plate, a beautiful paisley sheet from Pottery Barn (for a duvet cover, or a tablecloth, or clothing, or.....), a shirt for Michael, baskets for gift-wrapping, a cot for company, music records, candles, a brand new pair of Laura Ashley shoes, a coffee table, a bag of lady's clothes, six spools of ribbon, and surely some other things I'm forgetting.

All in all, it was a grand day out -- at least it certainly was a day out we'll remember for a long time!


Catherine said...

Wow, that's a great haul!

Alaina said...

What fun it was! We will definitely remember it forever and I'm so glad we all went!

Lovella ♥ said...

good fun. . it's pouring cats and dogs here today . .gotta love rain.

willow said...

That sounds like the sort of day I might enjoy - I do like a good bargain. Pity we don't really have anything like that over here.